If you have recently bought a new puppy into your family, it is important to find a good veterinarian who will be able to meet the need puppy’s medical needs. Taking care of your puppy is important as it will decide how strong he is when he grows up.  If he gets the proper care during his early life, he will grow up to be strong and free from any diseases or illness. Choosing the best Portland Veterinarian will help you to be totally depended on him if your puppy faces any issues regarding his health.

Attributes of a Good Veterinarian

The veterinarian should have in depth knowledge about the various needs of your puppy and should be able to give the required vaccines and shots on time. He should be experienced and should be known among pet lovers. He should be able to strike a repo with your puppy and be likeable. He should be able to interact and communicate well with the puppy and the owners. He can handle any kind of aggressive behavior of the puppy and calm him down without using any force. He should answer all questions and queries from pet owners regarding the safety and the health of their pets. He should explain all situations in a proper manner to the pet owners and provide them with options and alternatives in different situation. His clinic should always be clean and organized so that the puppy and the owners feel comfortable when visiting the clinic he should be licensed and be able to display his awards and certificates in his office. These are valid proofs that show that he is doing a good job. You may visit here to know more on what good veterinarian is all about.

Which Veterinarian you should avoid?

Avoid veterinarian who does not listen to the pet owners or who are not comfortable answering queries. If you try to book an appointment and find it difficult to reach the office, you should find another vet. If you have an emergency and you face the same situation, it might be a question of life and death for your puppy. Avoid vets who are short tempered and take hasty decisions without offering any alternative solution to the pet owners.

You should choose a Portland veterinarian whom you can trust with your puppy. If you can find a vet with all the above listed  qualities, you can be rest assured that your puppy’s health is in great hands.