For you to achieve fantastic results within a period of 6 months to 1 year, you need to follow up with a muscle building program. You can read quite a lot of books written by well-known authors known for their effective and scientific methods of muscle building. A well informed athlete or an actor builds his muscles without doing harm to his body. You can take Arnold Schwarzenegger as your role model. The great action pro actor is now 60 years old. But does he really look like one? He works out at the gym like crazy, builds on his lean muscle and still leads life, the healthier way.

A few tips on how to go in for a muscle enhancement program, quite the procedural way:

Weight training

Look at the factors that are scientifically proven to stimulate muscle growth. And look at ways and means of including them in your daily workout program. Make it a knock out program, all together. You can kick start the day, with oodles of self-confidence. And your stamina levels will improve a great deal, along with building the lean muscle fat.

Diet and nutrition

Include two yolks of yellow egg to your everyday diet. Bread sandwiches can be had along with egg yolks. And have a glass of warm soya milk. This makes up for a protein laden breakfast.

Include lean meat for your lunch and have a lighter supper. Drink something warm before going to bed. This makes sure your body is hydrated all the time and you are able to keep up with your energy levels.

Look for supplements and pills which have least side effects. For more options, you can do a thorough shopping around via the internet.


You need to plan your cardio sessions at the gym and see how much you can possibly chew on your plate. Work out for 1.5 hours a day for 4 days in a week. Give some breathe in space to your body, by giving a holiday for a day or too. Perform exercises that are good for building muscle fat and helping you reduce cholesterol as such. You can work in tandem with your personal trainer and listen to his advice, to be able to achieve results in an effective way.


Avoid taking alcohol or narcotic drugs, especially while you are trying to build up on your muscles. Leading a healthy life is the need of the hour to get well-toned muscles, across your body.

These tips help you live a life of your dreams but make sure to check out the Crazy Mass reviews over here first.