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24 November, 2017

Children and Building Toys

As adults, we often forget how in awe of everything we were as children. As children, we were in constant wonder at the world around us. Playtime was a chance to explore and our lack of understanding was a vehicle to far away worlds.

As adults tending to the next generation, we best accept the value of play time. Science already has and studies have provided more than enough information to justify play time as a necessity for children. When you’re done with this article, stop by Toy Review Experts if you want to continue learning.

When at play, children learn and develop many of the fundamental skills they’ll use as adults. Children learn about relationships with others, reality and how they fit into it. All of this is done during early stages. Some toys are of course better than others for training specific brain functions, but to play is what’s important.

Learning about relationships with other children

Playtime can be done alone but is possibly better with a little company. When your child is at play with another they get to experience the dynamics of working with others. Social skills are learned during the time. Things like sharing and how to act around others are developed.

Another obvious bonus of your child playing with others is learning to cooperate. Children may not always agree, but if they’re building they may have to comprise and work together to create a vision all of them share. The ability to do that is worth its weight in gold. If you only have one child or they’re too young to be in school, just play with him or her.

As a parent, playing with your child gives not only quality time, but an opportunity to teach leader and followership to them. The opportunity to teach proper ethics should never be skipped as they’ll be able to use them, along with everything else learned as adults.

Building toys, a proven tool for development

This article mentioned building things above. That was no mistake, building toys are proven to be a fantastic tool for children to use with innumerable benefits. If your child is too young for building toys, all is well. They’ll get by just fine without them. But, if they are, I’d very much suggest you give them an opportunity to reap the benefits and have some fun.

The cognitive benefits of building toys

A required skill for building is visualization. To grasp and hold a mental image and bring it to life, be it with blocks, logs, etc. takes disciple, focus and the ability to mentally visualize. Building toys are fantastic for teaching this. Along with the ability to visualize concepts comes an understanding of space and its relationship to oneself.

The above is a skill used by engineers and translate directly to an increase in capacity to understand the abstract, think critically and problem solve. Studies have proven that building toys increase a child’s ability to grasp mathmatical problems. With these increases in ability come an understanding that one CAN solve problems. The child also stands to gain confidence from this.

So much more to be gained

The perks of playtime and building toys, in particular, don’t end with the above. A child stands to learn so much from being given a chance to physically manifest what they imagine. As adults, giving a child a chance to let their imagination take flight is possibly the best gift we could give.

So, next time you see a child at play, just know you’re watching a learning process.