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17 December, 2018

How to Make it Online Without Spending a Dime

Everybody wants to be rich, and perhaps famous, personally, I’d rather be unknown and famous but that’s the saying right.

So is it really true that it takes money to make money? The short answer is NO.

But it will take time, and for some people time is money.

Now if you’re unemployed and perhaps have a disability that doesn’t enable you to do the work you’re qualified for you are the perfect candidate to make money online. It won’t be a fast-track thing but hey, you got all the time in the world so there is no need to rush it.

Start a website first

To make money you need to sell something, and you can do this as an affiliate, however, most websites, platforms, social media sites don’t allow you to direct sell, I mean they don’t even offer a way for users to pay you so a website is what you will need.

You can start a website for free at Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly or any other place, just make sure you check their policy to see if it’s allowed to add affiliate links to your posts. If not there are extremely cheap web hosts that you can find at Web Hosting Talk, literally for as little as $10/year, so although we told you how to make money without spending a dime, you might have to spend say $10-$15 as there are also sites that allow you to register a domain name for only 1 dollar.

Seriously, do spend that little bit of upfront cash as platforms like Tumblr are known to change their policies over time and you want to be in control of your own income so don’t be too cheap.

Getting visitors to your site

Here is a quick list of places where people hang out:

  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Minds
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Also, think about forums, it’s very easy to make friends on niche forums if you are really into what you are selling, so for the first six months or so don’t focus on the commercial aspect, simply build out your network and share posts from your website on these channels.

Once again, make sure those posts aren’t promotional in nature as you don’t want to chase people away and that happens real quick when you’re in full sell-mode. This is especially the case on Instagram and for that reason I want you to visit Jonathon Spire as he masters the art of getting free followers from Instagram.

Make your visitors return

There are multiple ways to make visitors return, one way is an opt-in list, for example, a popup that gives something away, like an e-course, a pdf with useful information or anything you can think of. Once they sign up you have a way to email them and you can slowly start presenting them with offers, eg paid products.

There are also plugins for WordPress that ask the visitor if they want to be notified when a new post gets published, you’ve probably seen this popup with the blue button yourself. Most of the time I click No Thanks, but sometimes, in very rare cases if the content is rock solid I do actually click Yes and when the next post is published I will be notified in my browser so make use of this.

That’s it, and that’s that!

Yep, we’ve already reached the end of this post, in summary, start a website for as little as $12 in the first year, connect with people on the places I listed as well as on forums, and even in the discussion fields on blogs (you can leave your link there in case you didn’t know that), and once they visited your website at least 1-2% will opt-in at your mailing list or click the notification button and those are the people you will make money from.

I admit it’s quite a bit of work, but hey nothing is free besides the sun coming up and the rain falling down, so get to work!