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27 October, 2017

Pros and Cons – Curling Wand vs. Curling Iron

Adding curls to hair is much easier than it once was. There will include so many various styling tools which may be utilized. Two of the most popular of them include the curling wand and curling iron. Even though they look similar, they may generate different results.

The ones new to styling tools like these might not always understand the difference between them. Here is the lowdown on the disadvantages and advantages of curling wands and curling irons to assist you in figuring out which one is better for you. To read more curling iron and curling wand reviews have a look at That’s Foxy.

Curling Irons

The more traditional device of the two, curling irons are distinguishable through their uniform sized barrel, as well as metal clip that holds your hair down. As this tool for styling came around most women relied on it for numerous reasons.


Price – Even with newer units which are designed with ceramic and tourmaline barrels, curling irons always are the more affordable choice between these two styling tools.

Variety – As it might seem like every curling iron is the same, there are different available variations. Spiraling irons and rotating irons are merely a few examples.

Curl Size and Barrel – There also are a broad array of available barrel sizes for these. A smaller barrel is going to give way to tighter ringlets, whereas larger barrels are going to create large waves or curls.

Interchangeable Barrels – A few curling irons have interchangeable barrels so there isn’t any need to purchase different irons. It’s an excellent investment for ladies wanting to frequently change their curl size.

Outcome – A curling iron does not just offer you curls, it’ll also make hair smooth and shiny. Women who have frizzy hair also can help to tame their unruly locks with it since hair usually smooths out.

There are, of course, also disadvantages to using curling irons.


Heat Control – Depending upon the kind of curling iron you have it may be hard to control the quantity of heat it has. Older kinds of curling irons don’t usually have any heat control settings and individuals just have to discover when it’s prepared to use or not. On the other hand, newer models might have settings for a variety of heat levels and also an indicator.

Heating Time – Both new and old varieties of curling irons require sufficient time to heat up. As plugged in, the tool may take anywhere from 3 – 10 minutes to heat up prior to it being used. Also, some irons require time to heat up again between usage.

Kinks – The clip that holds the hair into place may place a lot of pressure on your strands and leave indentations. That may be extremely obvious and stay as long as the curls will. Furthermore, there isn’t any method of adjusting the clip’s tightness on the barrel.

Flatter Curls – Using a uniform-sized barrel, it might be difficult to develop curls which are close to the hair’s roots. In turn, curls made using an iron are usually a little flatter because there isn’t any volume offered by your roots.

Curling Wands

A newer tool that’s similar in appearance and nature to the iron, is the wand. It differs from a curling iron because it doesn’t have a clamp to hold the hair down. During the same time, as its name implies, the barrel will taper at the ending and make it appear like a curling wand.


Heating Time – The majority of curling wands don’t require pre-heating. These may be used almost instantly after being plugged in, which makes it an effective and quick method of styling hair. Also, these are available with a variety of heat settings to assist in controlling the temperature.

Barrel Size – as with irons, curling wands are available in various sizes that permit various sized curls.

No Clamps – Amongst the main selling points of these is that they don’t clamp hair down. The resulting curls don’t have any kinks and usually appear more natural due to that.

Volume – Featuring a tapered barrel, curling wands will make it simpler to hold the wand nearer to the hair’s roots, generating more volume.

Longer Setting – Because of the quantity of heat wands have, they usually set hair better, as well as make curls last a longer period of time.


Cost – Generally, curling wands are pricier than irons, even though there are a few affordable ones.

Length of hair – With this tool, without the clamp, curling layered or short hair is more challenging. It’s more appropriate for lengthier strands which easily can be held.

Burns – if a user does not use gloves it might be simple to burn fingers on its barrel while holding the hair against it.