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10 February, 2018

The top 4 Instagress alternatives

Last year has seen many of the leading Instagram Bots being shut down. This included Instagress which was viewed as the best Bot on the market.

Instagram launched a crackdown on the use of any automated service on its platform. It believes that the use of these services is in breach of its terms of use policy. Bots are primarily used to gain followers and by doing this automatically Instagram believes it is not natural or organic.

How did the crackdown affect Bots?

The shutdown of the leading automated services effected many users especially ones that were using the Bot for business purposes. Businesses use automated services to help grow followers to launch marketing campaigns and promote products or service to followers.

Has the market ceased to exist?

The Instagram crackdown actually had the opposite effect on the market. There have been many new Bots which have entered the market to compete with the older Bots. This has caused the market to grow and become stronger.

Is the market still being invested in?

After last year’s crackdowns, many people are wary about investing in Bots again for fear of it being shut down and affecting their account. They are looking for one that isn’t only effective at gaining followers, but that is viewed as safe and reliable.

The Small Business Blog reports that the top 4 best Instagram alternatives are:

    • Social Envy
    • Follow Adder
    • Instato
    • InstaQ

These can be categorized into 2 further categories:

    • Instagram Bots
    • Organic growth services

The recommended automated service

The best Instagram Bot currently on the market is Follow Adder. This in because it survived the multiple Instagram crackdowns and is believed to be robust, safe and reliable. It is very effective in growing your Instagram following with many users that previously used Instagress stating that it works just as well or is even more prosperous. It is also one of the easiest Bots to use and operate.

What is an organic growth service?

An organic growth service is similar to a Bot because it is used to grow and manage your Instagram account. However, a Bot is automated and an organic growth service is not automated. The organic growth service uses real people to manage your account for you and to undertake the repetitive engagement tasks manually. These people are leading social media marketing experts.

What are its advantages?

The biggest advantage of using these services is due to the fact the labor is done manually by real people it falls within Instagram’s terms of use policy. Therefore it is a safe option that will not have a negative effect on your account. However, this safety does come with a premium and is a more expensive option than a Bot.

A recommended organic growth service

Social Envy is a viewed as the best organic growth service that provides natural engagement and growth for your Instagram account. They employ real experts to do the manual engagement work for you. The biggest advantage it has over using automated services is because it is a real person in charge of managing and growing your account.