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12 July, 2018

Using Instagram Stories to Build Your Brand

The effort by Instagram to curb the influence of SnapChat is working. According to a report, brands are using Instagram Stories twice as often on Instagram as they are on SnapChat.

Due to this statistic, brands are using Instagram stories more than ever before, some using the feature at least twice a week.

If you are looking for a clever way to increase the number of likes to your posts, then you need to find out how your competitors are using Instagram Stories to make their content stand out.

Get More Traffic to a Recent Post

Accounts that have thousands of followers ate offering an option to take their readers directly to their landing page. Use Instagram stories to redirect your audience to a page where they can get more information regarding a product or service.

You can do this by using calls to action to make sure the audience knows exactly what you are after. If you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, then mention this in your post on Instagram.

For instance, if you come up with a new product, it is not enough to highlight it and leave it at that – you need to tell the audience what you expect from them and lead them to a page where they can execute the action.

Show Some Love

You can allow your followers to post images and then use them in a series that you come up with. You can do it as a contest whereby the top images get a part of the series. Not only will you help the audience get a piece of the action, but you also connect with them at a higher level.

A Day in the Life of…Series

You can go well beyond the “behind the scenes” story where you show what the brand is up to each day and opt for a story about what you do on a daily basis. This can be uplifting and allows your followers to connect with your staff and the customer representatives on a deeper level.

You can show clips of your morning routine, how the staff prepares for the day, an afternoon meeting and even when riding the treadmill at the gym. This way you show your audience how it is to walk in your shows.

You can allow a customer to show cool clips of their life in a Story. The featured customer can talk about this and that for the next 24 hours, and then the audience can vote for another customer to showcase their life the next week.

Get Feedback From Customers

One of the ways to get customer generated content is to ask for feedback on a set of products or your services. This takes the engagement level a notch higher and makes it possible to learn more about what the customers think about your products or services.

Justify Automation

Automation is not something new on the market. However, you need to know how to use it the right way; otherwise, you risk losing your account. The number of likes you get from an automated service should match the number of followers that you have. Using Instagram Stories helps you match the number of likes to the number of followers. Fred Harrington recommends that you use an automated service to get likes so that you don’t trigger the Instagram Algorithm.

In Closing

Using Instagram Stories is one of the ways to get your engagement levels high, and to justify why you are a serious brand on the market. Make sure you know what to do so that you enjoy the benefits that come with Instagram Stories.