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4 October, 2019

Why Comedians Love Instagram

Possibilities and new opportunities continue to rise on the internet world on a daily basis. Most brands and business owners have now realized the power of social media and no one wants to be left out. Comedians are enjoying this space and establishing their presence on various platforms and gaining more exposure. Instagram has been their most preferred nest where they interact with fans, exchange ideas and get new customers from all over the world. With the many numbers of social platforms, some people might not understand why Instagram happens to the favourite among many performers. The following are some of the reasons why comedians love Instagram

    1. It is easy to illustrate

The best form of comedy is where the performer is able to use his or her body language to communicate with his audience. Even though there are some who like audios, visual performances are always the best when it comes to comedy. Instagram supports visual content and thus you can record short clips that illustrate what you do best. Make sure that you edit your videos according to Instagram’s dimensions and pass your intended messages. You can post a series of several videos in case you have long clips and you do not want to leave out any message.

    1. You can automate some stuff

The hard part with comedy is that people expect you to have fresh content all the time. Unlike other entertainers like musicians, you are not expected to crack the same joke twice. You thus need lots of time to research for new content to remain relevant and updated. The same people expect you to post new content, engage your audience and search for new followers. Instagress used to be one of the major automation tools that people looked up to until it was shut down. The good news is that you do not have to worry because SWS Mag reviews some of the best tools that serve as Instagress alternatives popular platform.

    1. Interaction is real-time

When you are in the performing arts industry, keeping in touch with your audience is very important. Instagram is an interactive platform where you can share live videos, recorded audios and many other forms of digital content. People can always comment and like your posts and such gestures are very important in growing your brand. People are always on social media and this increases the chances of your message reaching the target group in record time.