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15 September, 2017

4 Benefits Of Using Laser Engraving Technology For Your Manufacturing Business

Building a manufacturing business can be an upward task if you do not know what it takes to keep it running. You need to able to identify a need and come up with a solution that is not only creative but also satisfies the needs of the customers. Retailers and wholesalers alike should have an easy time when they want to source for supplies from you. Labeling is one of the crucial things that a manufacturer should pay close attention to. Laser marking is one of the latest technologies that you should employ for your business to succeed to enjoy the following benefits.

Minimizes counterfeits

The world is full of cons who only wait for creative ones to come up with innovative products and then copy. Your business will incur the cost of developing and testing the product than another individual just comes and takes a sample and develops a similar product at a lower price. One of the greatest contributors to the rising trend in counterfeits is the ease of packaging. With laser engraving, you can make it hard for people to fake your products. Customers can easily identify counterfeit products by simply looking at the label. Your business stand to suffer if the counterfeit products harm the consumers or if they do not meet their expectations.


The modern-world is suffering from environmental pollution and manufacturing firms are the biggest polluters. Some marking processes such as etching and inkjets pollute the environment as they use chemicals which make life miserable. The chemicals are also expensive which raises the cost of operating a business. Laser engravers on the other side do not use chemicals and thus do not harm the environment. The products are also clean because contamination levels are very low as one does not come into contact with the products much during marking.


When it comes to manufacturing, using machinery that is efficient is paramount. There are times you will be involved in high production lines, and you do not need any interruptions. You do not need a PC when you are using laser markers such as those at NeedhamCoding.com. You can operate this marker remotely using a handheld pendant. You can add programs and reset the operations within a given range which makes the marking process smooth. One of the biggest challenges that other markers have is cooling when they run heavy applications. Laser engravers have air coolers, and thus you do not have to stop your work to deal with cooling.

Does not compromise quality

Your customers will always leave you when they note that you are compromising quality. Using the wrong packaging material can compromise the quality of your products which harm your reputation. Other marking solutions such as inking can affect the quality of your products. Customers do not want contaminated products, and they will eventually back off and find a vendor with safer products. Laser markers use light, and thus the images do not have unwanted substances that customers may not like. Your products will be able to pass all the safety tests as they will not have prohibited substances. You will also be on the good side of the law when using this technology.

Operating a manufacturing business requires you to be smart and abide by the industries best practices. You need to make useful networks with suppliers, marketers and industry leaders at all times. Ensure that you attend various pieces of training to keep yourself updated on the current trends and learn the changing dynamics. You also need to arm yourself with the latest equipment to ensure that your processes are efficient and products are quality.