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9 February, 2017

7 Fantastic Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

You’ve probably heard of Shiatsu massage, but what exactly is it? Shiatsu massage is originally from Japan where it was used as a form of oriental therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine principles.  Shiatsu massage has become increasingly popular over the years because of its ability to treat the whole person as opposed to a specific ailment. What’s more, it encourages relaxation.

Shiatsu massage involves more finger pressure to stimulate the different energies within the body that may either be out of balance or become blocked.

Can Anyone Receive a Massage Therapy?

A survey commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association found out that more than 39 million Americans received a massage last year. Over 53% who discussed massage with their health care professionals say their doctor advised them to get a massage therapy. Massage has been shown to reduce heart rate and blood pressure which aids in increasing endorphins in the body. Shiatsu is one of the massage therapies you can choose from.

Shiatsu uses similar techniques to other treatment methods like physiotherapy, osteopathy and lymphatic drainage. However, shiatsu experts attribute its healing properties to be more beneficial than other massage therapy modalities.

Here are some great benefits of shiatsu massage therapy.


A research conducted by the Shiatsu Society and the European Shiatsu Federation shows that nearly 95% of those who underwent a shiatsu session felt calm and more relaxed. What’s more, the participants sleep much better after a shiatsu massage session.  Its ability to improve blood circulation in the body leaves you less tensed.

Relieve Muscle Aches

Shiatsu massage can relieve the spasms and tension out of muscles. Pressing on the acupressure points releases tension, leaving you feeling much better. This is why it’s important to find the right massage chair as they tend to give you a rejuvenating massage. Shiatsu Chairs has great reviews of different massage chairs.

Lessen the Effects of Headaches

If you are suffering from consistent migraines that just won’t go away, shiatsu massage may be the solution. Shiatsu helps to circulate blood as well as increase blood flow.  Moreover, it helps alleviate debilitating migraines.

Improved overall health

Colds and flu are some of the illnesses that characterize a poor immune system a shiatsu massage aids in the prevention and treatment of illness by stimulating your body’s natural healing ability.

Improved Skin Complexion

Shiatsu massage therapy uses the act of finger pressure on the acupressure points of the body, helping to improve circulation to the skin surface. Moreover, the sebaceous glands are able to secrete sebum which moisturizes and softens your skin. What’s more, it reduces skin wrinkles, leaving your skin looking vibrant and young.

Good for pregnant women

Pregnant women have a hard time sleeping especially in the third trimester. Some may experience back pain and cramps while others suffer from depression. In the past, the Japanese used shiatsu massage to alleviate these symptoms. It’s also been shown to prevent morning sickness and makes delivery easy.

Prevention of arthritis

Individuals with arthritis experience painful joints and it can be difficult to perform some of the tasks or even walk for a long distance. The good thing is that a Shiatsu session can lower the muscular pain. A massage therapist can directly apply pressure to the stressed joints, helping to reduce inflammation of tissues and relieve the soreness.

Aids the digestive system

If you have a problem with your digestive system and your metabolism is low, you can benefit from a shiatsu massage. People with a bowel disease will find waste elimination easy after a shiatsu therapy. The pressure applied improves cellular nutrition and impacts important processes.

Shiatsu massage therapy can also help with chemotherapy side effects, migraines and PMS symptoms. With all these benefits, it might be a high time to try out the shiatsu massage therapy.  There are some shiatsu massages you can easily do at home. Talk to your doctor if you have a chronic condition to determine if this type of massage would be suitable for you.