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10 November, 2017

A Graduation Guide for Senior Year

Dreaming of graduation and spending countless hours researching Community Colleges and Universities? If so, you are not alone. Starting out Senior year is thrilling; albeit overwhelming. Just like any other time in life moving into young adulthood is just a transition. Keep in mind that age old concept that ‘life is a series of beginnings, and endings sewn together’.

After the high school door closes another open. Learning the news skills to successfully navigate through this last year of high school is easy. so don’t worry. There are three super important topics to consider- how to capture the moments to cherish for years to come, how to design a budget and stick to it, and finally how to say goodbye to friends, family and especially Mom and Dad.

This is a world of selfies, and everything social media, but don’t forget there is time for timeless. Senior photos are what school mates will look back on when flipping through that yearbook, so make sure they are good. The rush of nostalgia, the fashion at the time, the wrinkle on that shirt or that iconic background will all be captured and permanently reside in that yearbook.

When it comes to taking Senior photos use a three step processes. First, start thinking about favorite places that should be remembered. That fountain in town? A meadow that has beautiful wild flowers every spring?

Find that one place that defines you

Then pick your favorite time of year for that place and it will likely be the best place to take Senior photos and it will capture a memory to cherish for decades to come.

Second, research photographers who will get the job done right. Choosing a good photographer is key in getting a good photo. Interested in the best photographer? Check out Blue Bend Photography. 

Third, pick your 3 favorite outfits and set up an appointment to get your Senior photos done before the stress of finals and Senior projects deadlines come around. Get it done early for no stress.

Designing a budget sounds scary the first time around, but it is actually a cinch to lock down

First, start rethinking the term budget and use the term spending plan.

Second, create a master list of the bills you are currently responsible for in a spreadsheet. Second, make a list income sources. Some examples are scholarships, odd jobs, part-time job and savings.

Third, compare the difference in what income is available against the cost of bills responsible for. If there are more bills than income, consider cutting out unnecessary expenses.

Saying goodbye to friends, family and parents is an emotional time

Getting older means life passes by faster and faster every year which is why it is so important to be mindful, and present everyday.

First, use this year to show gratitude for the ones in your support system by positive confirmation statements. An example of a positive confirmation phrase would be ” When you make my lunch in the morning, I feel grateful and well taken care of. Thank you mom.” or perhaps saying to a friend in art class “your style has really developed since we were freshman, I like the colors you use and how expressive your artwork feels.”

Second, take the time to do something for others. Maybe moms and dads have been doing the house hold laundry for years. Now is a time to show gratefulness by lending a hand in new areas in the family. This will not only show gratefulness and strengthen relationships, but it will also help prepare for living independently.

Third, take photos, take photos, take photos, so that once you embark on whatever the journey, travel or university, your loved ones will have a picture to look at everyday and remember you by.

In conclusion

Sure, Senior year is going to be epic, and exciting, but without careful planning it is going to wiz by. To keep yourself from feeling rushed, stressed and opting for second best. Remember to use those three simple steps for each of those three important topics to consider and this Senior year will be the memorable time for you, your friends, teachers and family members that has been hoped for.