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7 April, 2017

Important Things to Consider for Your Home Design

Knowing what you are looking for can help to save time when choosing a house design that suits your lifestyle. A good house plan should meet your personal needs and retain its value should you decide to sell the house in the future. At present, you will find a broad range of house plans to choose from. New styles and features are also in abundance, further complicating your decision making. Unfortunately, most people don’t take enough time to evaluate the various aspects of their new house, thus overlooking some important details. It’s important to be patient and consider all the aspects at the beginning, rather than rushing into building a house and end up disappointed once it is done.

As you figure out what you want in your home, it is also important to consider what you don’t want.  Therefore, view the plan from different angles and make sure you have taken everything into consideration. If you are redesigning your old home into a more stylish and modern look, conduct adequate research online on websites such as diyluke.com, to learn more about the best ways to improve your home. You should also engage professionals who are better suited to advise you on the best course of action. This guide looks at some important tips that will help you to properly plan and build a house that meets your personal and family needs.

Think Ahead

Foresight is paramount if you want to start building your house from scratch. Irrespective of your age, the important thing is to think about your present needs and also what you’ll want after ten to twenty years. Don’t just think about your immediate needs, create room for flexibility in case some things change over time. Regardless of whether you are married or not, you will still need to take into consideration extra rooms for your kids if you plan on getting married someday. Also, if you have a tendency of hosting guests regularly, make sure there is a guest room or other rooms where you will be accommodating your guests. For instance, a downstairs bedroom is ideal for people who have problems climbing stairs. It can also be used by your parents when they visit or even by you and your spouse later on in life.

Ignore Trends

Do not in any way consider following the trends you see on reality shows and magazines. Trends can change in an instance, and you don’t want a house whose design draws inspiration from what other people think or say. A home is not tied to any particular period. Therefore, see to it that your plan is inspired by solid foundations such as your lifestyle needs. A good design should give you a reason to smile every day. Instead of following trends, focus on building yourself a personal sanctuary that offers you the same warmth and comfort you experience in a luxurious hotel, or at least close to that.

More Space

If you are redesigning an old home, it may call for additional work to create more space in the house. However, if you are building the house from the ground, plan for spacious corridors in between rooms that can accommodate wheelchairs and strollers if needed. Also, spacious rooms and corridors tend to create a luxurious feeling.

Living needs and lifestyle

Different families or individuals have varying needs and lifestyles owing to some factors that include plans, cycles and their stage in life. There is an apparent disparity in features that a young couple would consider necessary for their home compared to what a retired couple would want. Therefore, it is essential that you ask yourself a few questions so as to build a house that matches your lifestyle and your needs. For instance, ask yourself if you prefer the standard dining room and a large living room, or you would rather have another more personalized style.  Also, make sure that your home plan provides for any future expansion, should you require to have an extra room. For example, you may expect to have only two kids when you get married, but then you find yourself with two sets of twins ten years later. If you happen to be that lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it, having planned for any expansions later during the initial design stages will give you some peace of mind because the house can be expanded without taking anything away from its original concept.

Finally, whether you are building in an urban or suburb area, you may want to consider if you want any privacy in your home and where you want it the most. If you want total privacy in your home office or master bedroom, ensure it is factored into your plan so that such rooms are placed at the far end of the corridors and where the necessary privacy measures can be quickly put in place. If you want privacy from your neighbors, choose the shape or a design that keeps your home as enclosed as you’d want. Also, set the windows away from the neighbor’s yard or opposite to theirs to ensure nothing that goes on in your house finds its way outside.