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8 January, 2016

Keep it Simple and Start Sewing

Perhaps you have already found your sewing community, a small group of likeminded people who get together to stitch’n’bitch. Once you start your new hobby of sewing it is easier than ever to find a local group with social media networking.  They can offer a great support network when you need help.

Hand sew

The most important thing is to start with hand sewing and keeping it simple.  Even though machine stitching is slightly different, you will be using two threads and making very secure stitches and a much wider variety of stitches, learning the principles of hand sewing helps a lot.

Take a class

Find a local class for beginners.  That can help a lot as you will make mistakes at first. Knowing your arm from your foot will help a lot. For the best sewing machine for beginners look no further than this link.

Take a simple project

Keeping it very simple at first is best.  You do not want to start right away putting zippers in!  It will be too frustrating if it goes wrong and costly too.  Work with cotton fabrics and straight seams at first.

Practice makes perfect

In the beginning you will be confused with patterns, both cutting out and fabric patterns.  You will have to read and read again how to put in a dart, how to do a button hole, how to unpick it all if it goes wrong!  After many hours of practice these things will become second nature.

The right tools

Spare bobbins, lots of pins, measuring tapes, scissors, pinking shears, threads, steam iron, needles, chalk and a seam ripper! And lots of spare needles, these are the basic tools and by now if you are sure you want to go ahead and sew it doesn’t add up to too much hardship. After all everything you make will be unique, your very own design.


For patterns it is best to start with a ready cut pattern for the size you need.  When you are ready you can start downloading and printing your own or even making your own, but you need a good blueprint to start off with.

Extras for professional pressing

To turn out really professional, neat looking items a few ironing accessories will make all the difference.

  • A tailor’s ham is great for those curved seams; you will use it a lot.
  • New seams on your shirt or blouse will love being pressed on a sleeve board, it is almost impossible to do without.
  • Sleeve rolls are for really narrow spaces like cuffs and kid’s stuff.
  • If you have never pressed before don’t forget some fabrics work better if covered with a lightweight damp cotton towel. Pressing is not ironing; you will be holding a very hot steam iron down in one place, not moving around as in ironing.

Sewing as a hobby can be very cost effective once you get going.  You can do your own repairs as well and once word gets out that you are a dab hand you can start show casing your designs.