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27 July, 2019

Knowing What Causes Motorcycle Accidents Could Save Your Life

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience. Ask around, and you would be stunned by the number of people who relish biking on an open road with the wind in their hair. However, as electrifying as it may be, riding a motorcycle comes with a host of hazard that could lead to a fatal crash. Sample the following statistics:

  • The likelihood of getting involved in a car accident is 35 times more that of driving a car or truck according to the Department of Transport.
  • Nearly half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involved at least one car.
  • An estimated 40% of bikers who died in crashes are found to be intoxicated beyond the legal limit

Causes for Motorcycle Accidents

With the above statistics, you’d think twice before riding recklessly. And, the fact that a motorcycle lacks as many safety features as a car doesn’t make the situation any better. Apart from the open cabinet and the lack of seatbelts, bikes are significantly smaller when pitted against other vehicles.

Road safety experts attribute motorcycle’s size as the reason driver of trucks and cars ignore them on the highway. In essence, this means that despite being careful as a biker, you will continuously remain exposed to the elements of danger, including:

Left Hand Turns

Whenever there’s an accident involving a car and a motorcycle, the most likely cause of the crash is a left-hand turn made by the driver of the car or truck into the motorcycle’s lane.

Never mind that left-hand turns cause car accidents, the fact remains that motorcycle versus car accidents tend to be fatal primarily because of the motorcycles size and weight.

Running into Stationery Objects


You’re more likely to die if you hit a stationary object riding a motorcycle than when driving a car or truck. It is estimated that up to 25% of motorcycle riders to run into fixed object end up losing their lives.

Road Distractions and Hazards


Unlike the driver of vehicles and trucks, motorcycle riders have a whole lot of obstructions to worry about.  For instance, a rider has to remain always on the lookout for animals crossing the road.

It doesn’t mean that an animal crossing the road is less of a hazard to a person driving a car, but when a motorcycle runs into an animal, not only will it lose traction but also the balance, thereby increasing the likelihood of a crash.  Trying to perform evasive maneuvers may lead to the same thing.

To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents, Take the Necessary Precautions


While it unlikely that you will prevent a motorcycle accident from happening, even with the most careful riding. However, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe in case of a crash, including:

  • Wearing a helmet every time you ride
  • Being mindful about other road users
  • Riding carefully in bad weather
  • Avoiding over speeding
  • Wearing protective clothing with reflective material
  • Attending safety classes

One More Thing – Take your Motorcycle for Regular Maintenance


While accidents can happen anytime, it is essential to mention that you’re better off riding a well-maintained motorbike. Why is this critical? Well, because it minimizes your chance of getting involved in an accident.

So, ensure that the brakes are working and that the lighting system is in order. On top of that, you need to make sure that the wheels have enough pressure to improve traction. In essence, this implies that you must have a reliable pump to keep the wheels well inflated. On that note, be sure to learn more here on what a bike pump worth your attention should look like.

The Bottom Line


It is essential to note that in the event of a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible to get financial compensation to help cater for damages and medical costs. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, get in touch with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for legal advice and how you can instigate a claim.

At the same time, you must take preventative measure to ensure that you don’t get involved in an accident. Remember, you have to protect yourself at all times when riding your motorbike.