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24 May, 2016

Let’s all get fit!

Let’s all face it. Gyms are very scary places at the best of times, and at the worst of times they are essentially hell on earth. They are full of large men grunting and trying to impress you with their muscles that you simply don’t care about in the slightest. If you are a woman in the gym then I fell so sorry for you. Men in they gym are even worse than the individuals who wolf whistle in the street. As soon as they see a poor innocent lycra clad lady then they pounce, offering help when help is not needed in an attempt to impress them which more often than not fall flat on it’s face. Gyms are not great places for the majority of the public. That it why I have taken it upon myself to help all of you weary souls out with some helpful hints and tips about the gym.We all could do with a little bit of help from time to time so let’s get fit!

The Rowing Machine 

The rowing machine is my personal favourite machine in the whole of the gym. Not only is it great for cardio but it will provide you with a full body workout as well. It is a very simple one to pick up too. All you have to do is perch your bum on the seat, grab the row bar and pull it back before letting it pull you back into place. That is it. They normally tell you how far you have rowed and how many calories have been burned as well, so this is why it is my favourite one to use. A couple of days after finishing your row you will certainly feel it. Your thighs will be burning and you will want to swap your arms with someone else’s but this is normally how you know you have had a good work out!

The Treadmill 

Now personally I don’t like the treadmill. I have never been able to master the act of running to the rhythm of the machine. When I jog I like to run at my own pace which varies a lot, making me the worst candidate possible for a treadmill. However even though I hate them an awful lot of people seem to love running on the treadmill and I can see why. You can programme speed in so if you are even slightly more coordinated than I then you will be able run as far and as fast as you want to. Even if you just feel like a walk then this won’t pose a problem. You can make the machines simulate an uphill walk and this makes things a while lot harder making the workout so much more worth it!

The TRX Machine 

Now don’t panic when you see one of these. This tangle of ropes may look like a torturous device but it isn’t. What it is in reality is one of the best ways to get a whole body work out in. The TRX basically enables you to work out by using your own body weight against you. You can do press ups, sit ups, mountain climbers, and pull ups, all being made a lot harder than they normally would and really helping to test out your muscles.

Whilst this isn’t a full on review of everything you are likely to face in the gym it has hopefully given you a bit more help with regards to what to expect when you walk through the doors of your local establishment. Gyms may seem big and scary from the outside by once you get to know them this veneer disappears and you can start your work outs safe in the knowledge you won’t be “that guy” who is using the equipment wrong. Tell me how it goes once you get going, I can’t wait to hear back!