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13 September, 2015

Life as A Hairdresser

Before I became a hobbyist of writing, I was the kind of woman who would help other ladies out with their hair. Hair is very important to the female figure, because it’s what keeps us different from males (besides, you know, the obvious lack of male genitalia!). Whenever a woman is having trouble with her hair, they would usually come and see me. I was a hair doctor of sorts, whatever they wanted done, I could have it handled for them. I went to school and everything for hairdressing, so I am actually completely aware of what I’m trying to accomplish. There are some hairdressers out there that simply don’t care – all they want to do is get as much money as they possibly can out of their clients. If that’s the kind of hairdresser you are, you can’t expect to stay in business very long. It’s about a lot more than just the money itself, it’s about trying to build a connection with everybody who walks through that salon door.

One of my favorite things to do would have to be recommending specific items to my friends, I can remember an abundance of occasions where I found myself telling them about all these wonderful products I’ve been making use of. They knew that they could rely on me to provide a certain level of expertise, as I had gone to school and learned everything there was to learn about hair. This means I knew that you could only get so many things done without the proper items at hand, and you would need something that’s going to be capable of sticking around for more than a few months.

Your Tools

hairdressers-cutting-hair-6lhfktrnYour tools are just as important as the tools for a plumber would be. It’s the means of living on your end, as you need tools in order to help people with their hair. They aren’t your typical kind of tools, I’m talking about things like shampoo’s and hair straighteners. Hair Straightener Studio is a great place to go if you’re interested in buying a high-quality hair straightener, and there are an abundance of other places on the internet that can provide you with products like that too. Using tools that aren’t going to come off as “professional” is something you shouldn’t take part in, if it doesn’t have a negative effect on the haircut itself, it’s going to make clients think twice about visiting you.

Some other tools you’ll need are curlers and salon dryers, which can be expensive if you’re looking to shoot for the expensive models. Starting up your very own hairdressing business takes money and guts, which are two traits many people fail to have. Treat your tools with respect, and they’ll treat your with a decent amount of revenue – just make sure you know what you’re doing with said tools.

Your Headquarters

The building that you’ll actually be cutting hair in should be thought about beforehand. You need to think long and hard, both about location and the type of building you want to use. Plenty of people purchase old buildings and clear them out, only to refurbish the inside entirely. The outside looks old and gritty, but the inside is brand new and sleek. It’s somewhat of a trend, and you don’t have to pay massive amounts of money for your property; it’s like killing two birds with one stone. I used a building that had already been a hairdresser/salon shop at one point, except all of the equipment and chairs inside were useless.

They were beat up to the point where you could barely make out whether it was an actual chair or not – so I had to clear everything out. I did so, and brought all of my own stuff back in. It looked much better, and felt better as well. All of my customers told me that I made the right choice, and that the property was beautiful; that’s what you should be looking to hear.

Respect Your Customers!

I had a tough time dealing with snarky customers, mainly because I was holding sharp objects and hovering around their heads. I’ve never wanted to give so many women bald spots in my life, but I managed to prosper and keep on kicking. All it takes is one bad review for your entire business to go up in flames, so be a careful as you possibly can.