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27 May, 2016

My Crazy House

My house was a mad house. I was lucky, I had an amazing husband, a beautiful home and 2 beautiful kids that were 5 and 7.

I hadn’t planned to be a young wife and mother but life had just worked out that way and I loved it.

Daily Life

My daily life consisted of cleaning, which I believe most people do, but a round of packed lunches, ensuring homework was done and had been done properly, dropping the kids off at school and various after school classes. It was manic at times but my family was happy and healthy that is all I cared about.


I know every parent says this but my kids are very intelligent. They get good grades at school, they love to read and learn and can’t get enough of it. I have a piano at home, I have always loved to play and I taught the kids to play myself. They were very musical and played a few instruments, I liked the piano but they started to play the violin and let’s just say, it was an ugly, screechy sound.

Old Fashioned

I liked doing things properly and some people thought that was a little old fashioned. I always brought my kids up to have manners, I had started to teach my kids to cook. They did chores for money. I didn’t hand them anything on a plate, I wanted them to work hard and appreciate everything they had and the way they were growing up and the people they were turning into made me so proud.


We always had fun as a family. We would visit nature reserves, go on picnics and go to fun fairs. My husband was a really fun guy and the kids loved being out with him. He was a big kid himself and they were all so lively. Our favorite thing to do was go out on picnics.

We included the kids in the choice of food, we each had two of our absolute favourite things, so it could be cakes, chocolates, drinks, sandwich filling. If we wanted it, we had it. We would eat, laugh and play games. They were lovely, family days out.


One thing the kids always wanted was a pet. We had always said they were too young but that was a few years ago and that excuse was wearing thin. The kids just wanted an animal to love, any animal, they were not fussy. We were lucky, we had a house that could accommodate a few pets, if we so wished so we caved in but told the kids they would have to consider carefully what they wanted and we had to agree as a family. We all had to care and look after them, if we didn’t think we could do that then we would not go ahead.


We visited lots of stores and shelters. The kids decided that they wanted a hamster, a dog and a parrot. My husband and I sighed, we knew we would end up looking after them but apart from the dog we thought the other two animals would be pretty low maintenance. We bought a dog bed, a hamster cage and with the help of a great website called: http://www.petssensation.com/parrot-cages/ bought a beautiful parrot cage.


I always thought my family was perfect but our pets were brilliant additions to our already amazing family. We went out with the dog, talked to the parrot and the hamster was wheeling around for hours in his cage and used to sit on my son’s shoulder for hours playing with his hair and napping. I am so glad we agreed to the additions to our family. The pets really have completed my wonderful little family.