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30 May, 2016

Red Hot Competition

All through my childhood, my sister Sarah and I have had a loving relationship. We rarely argue and if I am honest, she is one of my best friends. While we would do anything for each other, we have a friendly rivalry when it comes to many things. We are both very keen on soccer, but both support different teams, this causes a little friction between us because our chosen teams are big rivals. We seem to manage to turn anything into a competition.

We are now in our forties and both have children, I have two boys and Sarah has one of each. We manage to get together quite regularly and always try to spend a week together in the summer when the kids are off from school. All of our kids get on and the relationship I have with my sister has rubbed off on the kids. They are not just cousins, they are good friends too.

There is only six years between all of the kids so generally they are all into the same TV programmes and latest crazes. If one of the kids takes up a hobby, they all seem to follow suit. One of my boys decided he wanted to start playing for a local soccer team, within a month all of them had signed up. It was a fantastic way of getting together, every Sunday morning we all met up and went to the games together.

Crazy Parents

To my surprise, the kids playing soccer all get along very well, I think this is down to the coach. They all seem to have a mutual respect for each other while maintaining a healthy level of competition. The parent son the other hand are crazy. People who are usually very polite individuals seem to lose all inhibitions and scream and shout at each other, and even the kids.

On one occasion my husband had to have a word with one of the dads because he was far too harsh on one of our boys. The guy involved apologised straight away and if I am honest, I think he was a little embarrassed about his actions. It really is surprising to see these normal people turn into absolute monsters over a children’s soccer match.

Competition Continues

Christmas time has always been a big thing in my life. It is a time for all of the family to get together and enjoy the festive season together. My sister takes the opportunity to create a competition between us. I don’t know how it came about, but we always try to buy a present that will drive the other crazy. A few years back she mentioned that one of her son’s friends has a game that makes the most annoying noises, she even asked the kid to leave the toy at home next time he visited. I decided it would be hilarious to buy her son the same toy as a Christmas gift. He loved it, but it drove her crazy!

When we were growing up I started to learn the violin, well for three weeks at least. The screeching sound drove her crazy. I decided that I was going to buy her daughter a cheap violin, and her son an entry level guitar, the noise would be unbearable. I looked around and found a website called http://www.theinstrumentreviewer.com/ and bought one of the models they had a review on. As I expected the noise drove my sister crazy. I had won this instalment of competition, and that infuriated her too.

Taking Things Up a Level

Sarah told me that I would live to regret my decision to buy the instruments, and she wasn’t wrong. She took our competition to a whole new level. Sarah was aware that I didn’t want my kids to have any pets because I knew that it I would be the one who had to look after them. I would be the person who was picking up poop or cleaning out the hutch.
One afternoon my sister told me that she would pick the kids up from school. This didn’t ring any alarm bells because we would often help each other out by doing this. When Sarah dropped the kids off, she didn’t only drop off the kids, she unloaded a rabbit hutch along with two rabbits. I was so angry but was forced to laugh too. I couldn’t return the pets because I would have been the worst parent in the world.

My predictions came true and I am the one who cleans and feeds the rabbits, but if I am honest, I have grown to love them.

My sister has had the last laugh in our competition, but I can assure you that I will get my revenge soon enough!