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19 September, 2019

RENNtech Products on Focus Motorsport

San Diego Renntech is a vehicle performance enhancement company based in San Diego, in the United States with it headquarter in Florida. The company is committed to tuning and upgrading your vehicle for best performance and a great experience. Renntech provides products and services that will help enhance and upgrade your vehicle. Renntech is known for performance enhancement of Mercedes-AMG vehicles.

Renntech is known as an aftermarket supplier of all performance enhancement parts ranging from brakes, exhaust and even to the selling of an already enhanced vehicle.

Amazingly, most of the product of Renntech features high performance, handling, power, upgraded comfortable features that beat most of Mercedes Benz factory cars.

Renntech now offers sales and fitting of performance enhancement of other vehicles like Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi.

These are some of the product of LRCMHC that can be purchased on focusmotorsport.

Supercharger and Intercooler

Renntech’s supercharger and Intercooler are characterized with an advance supercharger and intercooler which changes the way your Mercedes vehicle works. The supercharger helps to compress the air taken in while the intercooler cools the heat, by this increases the power, and makes it more reliable.

Carbon Fiber Airbox: V12

This is another product of Renntech to help turn your vehicle into a supercar. It is designed to help change the route and flow of air in the vehicle. This helps to improve the speed and makes it easy to control the vehicle.

 Crank Shaft Pulley

 This performance enhancement tool is designed to elevate horsepower and torque of the vehicle into those of a supercar. This can be done by help increasing the size of the engine’s crankshaft pulley in relation to the compressor pulley and by this will help to increase boost.

Brake Upgrades

For any performance vehicles, the braking system is usually important. This is why Renntech makes it a point of duty to design a braking system that befits a performance vehicle.

Adjustable Camber Bushings

Renntech has developed an adjustable camber bushing that helps the driver to adjust the handling of the vehicle for different tracks and driving style. This helps the car to maintain maximum grip for proper alignment, improved turning and for better braking.

With all these products, Renntech can be considered as a reliable tuning and performance enhancement company that helps to change your vehicle into a supercar. Renntech products can be purchased from various dealers but I recommend Focus Motorsport for reliable purchases with discounts.