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8 October, 2015

Some of the Secrets to Creating Great Hairstyles with your Hair Dryer

You may never be able to get the same results with blow drying your hair as you get from your hair dresser and perhaps you wouldn’t want to. Lifting the hair at the root is great for volume and can create a fantastic style for a special occasion although you may not want to do this all the time, applying high heat to the scalp and roots of your hair will not promote healthy growth of hair.

Hair products

  • But, what you can do is start taking some tips from the professionals such as using salon products
  • Many are now available without taking a trip to your hairdresser
  • Using the correct products for your hair type can really help

Rinse, rinse, rinse

  • Use conditioner and rinse thoroughly, it is tempting to leave a bit of conditioner for dry hair, but not a good idea
  • Final rinse should be cooler or cold to close the hair follicle
  • Cold rinse makes hair more shiny


  • Firstly, blot the hair dry with a towel
  • Never rub or use too much friction
  • Better to just wrap in a towel for 5 or 10 minutes


  • Use a wide tooth comb
  • The thicker your hair the wider the comb
  • Frizzy hair will benefit from a serum product

Upside down

  • Is great for finger drying your hair
  • and is good for fine hair
  • may add volume
  • try it


  • Using a long finger diffuser is good for lifting curly hair


  • Get your hair 70 % towel dry first
  • Use small sections
  • Start at the nape of the neck using a paddle brush
  • Let each strand cool before releasing the hair
  • Never put the dryer directly on to your hair
  • Blowing down the hair shaft will make it flatter, shinier and smoother
  • If your hair is damaged think about getting nice and dry and use the cool setting
  • Keep the hairdryer moving back and forth rather than directing heat to some small area

 The ups and downs of upside down

  • In my humble opinion it is fine for fine short hair, it is quick and easy but read on!
  • Firstly you may end up with tangled hair as soon as you bend forwards
  • It is actually more time consuming
  • You can end up with a pounding head
  • Most professional hairdressers disagree with the volume principle and say that it is far better to work from the top of the head
  • It is not easy to use a brush and hairdryer upside down, it can be very disorientating
  • Try it for yourself, if it works for you then it’s fine

More less well known tips

Why not get together with a friend to practise blow drying each other’s hair, you can get to know the best practice, get all the tools you need, when the time comes for a really good style you can get the same results as your hairdresser without a trip to the salon.

Learning to negotiate using a brush and dryer is not easy, by blow drying your friend’s hair you will be able to better blow dry your own hair, things like brushing down the shaft of the hair will come easier.

Using sections to blow dry your hair in stages is often easier, the number of sections really depends on whether your hair is fine or thicker.  The thicker your hair the more sections you need, use section clips to keep hair out of the way.

Personally I prefer a ceramic hair dryer with accessories to style your hair same like the pro’s, oh you thought it was all magic, haha, no even the experts have tools to make their job a little easier!

A little more on products

  • Get it right, use straightening balms for straightening
  • For curls use a product for body and definition
  • Tease natural wavy hair with mousse or gel
  • Use a heat protecting product if your hair is damaged

Brush strokes

  • Use natural bristle brushes
  • Use a paddle brush for creating straight styles (a good natural boars bristle paddle brush for speedy straightening)
  • Use round brushes for encouraging volume and texture
  • Have a variety of different size brushes to hand

Finger drying?

  • Definitely not for thicker or curly hair
  • If it’s curly wait until it is dry before running fingers through

Moisture balance

  • Keep your hair evenly moist as possible using a spritz water spray to dampen it if it dries too quickly
  • Not too wet, not too dry, don’t keep on, when it’s dry it’s dry!

Hot and cold

  • Remember to use the cool button on each section, not just at the end when you have dried your hair


  • Don’t bother shaking your hairdryer, it serves NO purpose
  • Avoid too much too soon, gentle heat and gentle air works better
  • Not too often, give it a rest whenever you can, let it dry naturally
  • Blow dry the hardest part of your hair first
  • No need for a professional blow dryer for home use

Now you have lots of tips, you can keep the hair dryer for the special nights out, special occasions like job interviews and keep your hair style manageable, for a natural look it can be tied up for day time for a sleek look.