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10 August, 2015

Tackling Oily Hair – How To Overcome A Common Problem

People with straight hair dream about a curly hair and vice versa. It is perfectly normal. You want what you do not have. All in all, each type of hair has its own specific problems. Some of them are more common in particular types. If you got a straight and thin hair, chances are you might face an oily appearance as well. This is not a general rule though. All in all, oily hair can be a frustrating challenge for most people. After all, no matter how often you wash it, it tends to recover the oily aspect in no time. But as you grow and do your homework, you realize that there are all kinds of solutions in commerce, whether you got a clogged aspect, a volume-less style or an oily appearance.

The Biggest Mistake?

Long-black-hair-girl-beautiful-face_2560x1600Most people try to get rid of the oils by washing their hair. They do it excessively. This is exactly the opposite of what you should do. Hair does not work like skin. Sure, you get a bit oily after having a barbecue, so you wash your hands. Things are different for the hair. Why? Simple. The more you wash it, the more active the sebaceous glands become. They will release more and more oils, only to cover the amounts of oils you clear.

Luckily, there are plenty of tips to maintain your oily hair in the best possible shape. Not all of them work. What works for some people will not work for everyone, yet some aspects are general. As a general rule, do not wash your hair too often. If you think that this is a good move, you will get some unexpected results. The sebaceous secretions are directly proportional with the number of washing sessions.

The results are obvious – your hair goes oilier. Specialists recommend doing it at four or five days. After a few weeks, you will notice some obvious results.

Overlooked Ideas in Clearing Oily Hair

oilyscalpIt is highly recommended to use a mild shampoo with a neutral pH. The market is extremely diversified, but it does not mean that every product will work. Different products are designed for different types of hair. Some of them might cause more bad than good. This is why you should focus on a shampoo that is specifically created for oily hair.

When washing your hair, avoid excessively massaging the scalp because you will involuntarily stimulate the sebaceous glands. The shampoo must be applied in small amounts and in two different phases. First, degrease hair and rinse it. Second, apply a new layer of shampoo for efficient cleaning. For such problems, specialists recommend lemon, orange, nettle and chamomile. Rinsing is extremely important too. Use water in excess and leave nothing behind.

If you use hair balsams, apply them at the bottom only. Go from the middle section of the hair and move toward the tips. Do not apply it close to the roots or your hair goes oily. Some professionals suggest skipping the balsam. In most cases, it softens hair and clears its volume by sticking it to the scalp.

Baby powder is yet another essential secret for a top-notch hair maintenance, even if plenty of people overlook it. You would be surprised by its effects though. The main role of baby powder is to absorb the sebaceous secretions. This way, the hair will look less clogged. Of course, this is a quick tip for those moments when you are in a rush. Apply the powder around the tips only.

wpid-photogrid_1421173896836When looking for naturist solutions, you will be amazed by how powerful aloe vera is. You can come up with a simple mask based on aloe vera and lemon. Apply it half an hour before washing your hair. Chances are it will help you avoid the oily appearance in no time. Another helpful mask is based on one egg, a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of orange juice. Mix them together, put the paste on your hair and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing. Apply this mask twice a month.

How about beer? If you did not know it, beer is highly recommended in the attempt to lose the oil from your hair. Once you are done washing your hair, apply a few beer drops on the hair to prevent the farther sebaceous secretions. You do not have to wash your hair with beer though.


As a short final conclusion, oily hair does not have to disappoint you and kill yourself confidence. Sure, it might look frustrating to look like you have just taken your hair through butter before leaving home. But then, a few naturist solutions will work wonders in the long run. Implement these ideas into your lifestyle and they will work wonders on you.