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22 August, 2018

Thoughtful Gifts That’ll Blow Your Husband-to-be Away!

Your wedding is just about to happen. By the look of things, you will have a blast. Almost everyone invited has confirmed attendance. You’ve even booked for a wedding singer at http://www.theweddingsinger.uk.com. You just can’t wait for your big day.  And, in the spirit of making your hubby-to-be happy, it makes perfect sense to purchase a gift that will sweep off his feet. These suggestions will help you get started.

A Bluetooth Speaker

Does your man love to nod his head to some good music? If so, he will undoubtedly fall in love with a Bluetooth speaker. Designed to play his favorite tune from any Bluetooth device, in a loud, clear, full audio it offers a way of keeping him entertained. And you know what the best part is? He can take it just about anywhere he goes. A good model should be compact, easy to use and durable. One more thing – select a speaker that can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously and switch between them seamlessly. In essence, this means that he can listen to music continuously for hours – the second device starts to play as soon as the first one stops.

A Bread Machine

If your guy loves to cook, help him wake to the smell of fresh homemade with a bread machine that can also make sandwiches. With this machine, he will no longer have problems making pizza as it will help him whip the dough. And that’s not all it has to offer. A bread machine can also make baked rolls for dinner and – wait for this – jams and jellies especially if it has automatic settings. Sound like just the kind of gift he needs for to spruce up things in his kitchen, right?

A Running Watch

Do you want to help your man maintain his sexy body? Or perhaps take his fitness regimen to the next level? Get him a GPS running watch that is designed to track pace, distance, and heart rate. The watch will keep him motivated, give feedback on his training progress and even allow him to get post-training encouragement from friends and family. Apart from recording all the critical information, a good running watch also serves as a coach on hand, giving constant feedback so that he can focus on his training. It comes with an integrated accelerometer to measure the distance and pace when training indoors or when running on a treadmill.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

If your man is busy, there’s no better way to help him keep your yard evergreen than getting him a smart sprinkler. Apart from making sprinkling easy, it is convenient and helps save money and water. A good model will automatically water the lawn based on a pre-determined schedule to ensure that your yard remains beautiful. Perfect!

The Bottom Line

You want to start your marriage on the right footing, don’t you? Indeed. So go out of your way to make your man feel special. Think it of a way to help remember your big day together and bringing back fond memories.