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19 November, 2019

Threats To Human Existence

Humans are the most advanced animals to have inhabited planet earth. Their intelligence levels, creativity, and the idea of seeking formal education always set them apart from other creatures. Ease of availability of information and access to medical care has reduced mortality rates in the last few decades. However, lifespan has been decreasing which is an issue of concern for people from all parts of the world. The following are some of the threats to human existence

Natural catastrophes

Such disasters can cause small or massive damage depending on their intensity. Think about the water waves, earthquakes, strong winds and landslides that have wiped many people. There are some catastrophes that you cannot avoid, and they can be fatal when they occur. The good news is that you can take preventive measures like avoiding erecting buildings on the water shores or areas that are prone to landslides. Some experts can predict the occurrence of things such as earthquakes, and it is up to you to take action and get prepared.

Nuclear/biological terrorism

The first time that nuclear weapons were used for mass destruction was in the World War when Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan were hit. The effects of those bombs are still felt today which shows how biological weapons are bad. Terrorism is a global threat as it affects both small and big countries alike. Leaders from all parts of the world have been working very hard towards eliminating this pandemic but the terrorist seems to be always a few steps ahead. There are militia groups with powerful financiers and good connections, which makes it hard to crack them down. International bodies have also been working very hard towards the regulation of the production of nuclear weapons within different territories.

Environmental pollution

The air that we breathe today is contaminated from all sorts of industrial action. Some dumpsites are filled with all sorts of waste that cannot decompose which makes it hard for humans to survive. Most countries have banned the use of plastic bags in a bid to deal with the pandemic of solid waste. The vehicle you use could be emitting gases that are contributing to making the world an unsafe place to reside. Moving towards renewable energy is one of the best approaches to reducing environmental pollution. You can use solar panels to generate energy that you can use to cook, light your home or even power your vehicles. Deciding on the best panels that will fit your needs is easier when you use a resource such as greenenergynotes.com as it has all the information you need about solar panels.

Rise of machines

Some people argue that machines are making work easier which is true. However, we can now see robots that are ready to handle most of the tasks that humans used to do. For instance, we now have self-driven vehicles, and this is a threat to those who hold driving jobs. Many firms are focusing on mechanizing most of their activities and do away with a human resource which is a threat to job security. Humans thus have to remain competitive but learning new skills and learning what is in demand. However, there are those tasks that will always demand human reasoning because machines lack emotions and compassion.

Loss of biodiversity

If you go down the history lane, you will note that some creatures were in existence several decades ago, but they are nowhere to be seen today. For instance, we only hear about dinosaurs that inhabited planet earth many centuries ago. Human activity has been the biggest contributor toward the extinction of some of these creatures. For instance, deforestation has destroyed the natural habitats for most of the animals. Human greed has also made it impossible for some of these creatures to survive. Various countries have thus put forward bans on trading on items such as ivory and tusks from game animals.

If some of these threats are not addressed, the future generations are in danger. It is the small things that you do that can make the world a better place or ruin it. There are also needs to be good coordination between different players if some of these threats are to be eradicated.