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23 March, 2018

What Are the Top Toy Brands, and Why

When you’re looking around for toys to buy for your child, it can be a little overwhelming. There are tons of different companies vying for your attention and your money. Each one claims to be the best for their development, or the most fun, or the safest. So how do you know which toys really are the best? In this article, you can find a list of the top-rated toy companies and short descriptions of what makes each one great.

Why Choose the Top Toy Brands?

Simply put, you should shop with the best toy brands because they provide the best products for their price. If you want the most bang for your buck, you should go with these companies. Of course, this is not to imply that you can’t find perfectly acceptable, even great, toys from other companies. It is just that the brands discussed in this article are the most reliable and consistently good toy companies around now. They haven’t always been the best, and it’s reasonable to expect that they won’t always continue to be the best. For now, however, they are the best and they offer the safest bet for safe, fun, and educational toys to keep your child entertained and learning even when you’re not around.

What Are the Top Toy Brands?

  • Mattel

Mattel is the most popular toy company out there today. They have plenty of famous toys under their belts, such as Barbie and Hot Wheels. They have even acquired other big name brands like Fisher Price and the American Girl doll series. They dominate the market through diversification. They have toys for boys, girls, little children, early adolescents, and many adults even purchase their products, though usually as collectibles rather than for play.

  • Hasbro

Hasbro, like Mattel, is another toy empire. They are most famous for their Nerf, Playskool, Play-Doh, My Little Pony, and Transformers products. Just like Mattel, they have toys for a wide range of children and adults alike. Nerf guns and Transformers products specifically seem to sell almost as well to adults as they do to children. They gain a footing among younger children with their simple and safe Playskool products. Play-Doh is a classic, of course, and no parent can go wrong buying play-doh for their child. My Little Pony actually has an adult following as well, though its main demographic is younger girls.

  • Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug is a company that brings a breath of fresh air into the toy industry. Rather than focusing on manufacturing and selling a wide range of different complicated and nuanced toys, Melissa and Doug produce extremely simple yet entertaining toys for young children. Their toys often involve a lot of creativity, open-ended play, and imagination. They also have experienced great success with their craft products.

  • Lego

Lego is a company which has certainly stood the test of time. Lego, too, is loved by children and adults alike. Lego toys are actually collections of small pieces that children use to build structures, make small people, and construct just about anything they want. These, too, involve a high level of creativity, open-ended play, and imagination. Lego actually does a lot of research into how their products can provide cognitive and developmental benefits for children who play with Legos. They also offer Duplo blocks for younger children, as the small lego pieces can pose a choking hazard to toddlers. Lego has a very passionate fan base, and in fact, there is almost a culture unique to Lego. If you’re interested in Lego toys, or just want to know more, this site is a major source of information on Lego products and the Lego company as a whole.

Those are the top four toy companies out there today, so feel free to look through their products next time you’re searching for a last minute Christmas present for the kids. When it comes to deciding which toys to get, your decision ultimately should be informed more by what you know about your child rather than what you know about the companies. What’s most important is that you find toys that will be fun, engaging, and educational for your children, and these top companies provide plenty of great toys that fit the bill.