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17 September, 2018

Understanding Your Wheelbarrow

One of the versatile equipment out there that you can use in your home projects ranging from gardening to construction is the wheelbarrow. This tool makes everyone’s life better. When it comes to wheelbarrows, you have a couple of options to choose from.

Generally, any wheelbarrow can work regardless of the type of job you put it up to. The design of this equipment has been unchanged for many years. A deep container, two handles and legs and a wheel at the front. However, choosing the right one that works for you depends on your needs.

Let us look at the various options as well as the usage of the wheelbarrow in general and try to find out the type of wheelbarrow that suits your situation.

The Origin

This tool originated in China because we have a few records that show that the first place where the wheelbarrow was used was in this country. The design of the wheelbarrow has remained the same ever since, with very few modifications here and there.

How do they Work

Wheelbarrows, as seen on Wheel That, work on the premise of holding stuff and transporting them from one place to another effortlessly. It also has legs that allow the wheelbarrow to sit when it isn’t in use. The design helps redistribute the weight across the wheelbarrow so that it is easy for you to push it. The placement of the wheels matters, which makes it possible for you to get one that suits you.

The Types

There are various wheelbarrow types that vary in terms of the materials, the wheel styles and the handle designs. The three basic materials used include plastic, galvanized steel, and powder coated steel.

A plastic basin makes the wheelbarrow much lighter compared to the metal options; this is important depending on the kinds of materials that you plan to move on a daily basis. Additionally, plastic doesn’t corrode as much as metallic materials.  This makes the plastic wheelbarrow ideal for moving materials such as animal manure and fertilizer. These also don’t rust, and the materials you are moving don’t stick to them at all. Transporting cement and concrete on the wheelbarrow is great because scraping it off is easy.

Galvanized steel can rust, though it is much stronger. If you plan to move heavy materials, then you need to use galvanized steel since the wheelbarrow won’t bow or bend. This steel can stand up to various years of sunlight whereas plastic becomes weak from constant exposure to UV rays.

On the other hand, powder-coated steel has nearly the same qualities as the galvanized steel bit it looks a bit nicer. It is, however, susceptible to scratches if you are moving pointed or sharp objects.

The wheel type is also another way to categorize the types of wheelbarrows. There are different types of wheels you need to consider, with each having a different use. We have the pneumatic wheel that comes with an inner tube to give you all the support you need with a hard tire on the outside. However, these are prone to puncturing and go flat over time.

On the other hand, solid rubber tires have no tube inside, but they provide for a pretty rocky ride. You can cut, stab or do pretty much you want to, but it won’t go flat at all. It comes with a lot of bounce that will see the wheelbarrow bouncing around so much and your load flying all over the place.

Semi-pneumatic tires blend the two together. It is hard but has some air pockets within the tire. This gives you a smoother ride with the benefits of the hard rubber tire.

You also get to choose either wooden, or steel handles on the wheelbarrow. Steel handles resist rust and are very strong, and are unlikely to break anytime. Wooden handles don’t rust at all, are comfortable and have some little flex to reduce any strain in the upper body.

The Bottom-line

A wheelbarrow is an item that you cannot do without if you are a home renovation expert or you have a garden. There are so many types of wheelbarrows out there, and all have different types of basins, handles, and wheels. Make sure you choose the right one for your needs.