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1 October, 2019

Welcoming My Goddaughter into the World

The exciting news that your best friend just found out that she is going to have her very first baby creates an exciting time, especially when you already have children and know the joys of parenthood. When my best friend told me the news that she was expecting, I began to think up the thousands of ways that we were going to be able to spoil this child and give him or her everything that they could ever want. Having three children already, I explained to her that if she ever needed a break, I would be more than willing to watch the baby, as I have baby fever and am unable to have any more children myself.

Being a first time mom can be extremely difficult, especially when you do not have the support of your family or half of your friends. The struggles of trying to cope with the life and body changing pregnancy can be overwhelming and the only thing I knew to do was to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be alright. She would have a beautiful baby that she could call her own and no one would ever love her more than that child.

Baby Shower

We decided to throw her a small baby shower. I had never had one for any of my children and missed out on the opportunity to have the added support of others by having a baby shower. My friend’s small baby shower turned into about 50 people, including family members that had previously spoken ill about the father of the child. Everyone finally came together and celebrated the new addition without any fussing or fighting over who would or would not be a right dad or fit.

She received a ton of stuff for the new arrival, being that she had found out it was a girl, a lot of the items were pink or frilly. She received boxes of diapers and wipes, a playpen, a bassinet, crib sheets, an abundance of toys click here, and even a few things that she could use to relax before and after baby arrived. She needed help carrying everything back to her house, even more room than her car and my truck could hold.

Naming the Baby

There were plenty of reasons to be excited. Not only did I get a new goddaughter to spoil, but I also had the pleasure of helping to come up with a wonderful name for our new princess. There were many suggestions that my friend had come to me with, but only a few that I really liked. She had decided after all of the baby books and online research that she wanted to name her Caydence. Then came the challenging part of mixing it with a middle name that fit with the first and last names.

After a long battle between several middle names, we both came to the conclusion that the best name would be Hope. Naming the baby was one of the easiest things she had to do, because she had plenty of resources and even more help discovering that the name, means more than just what you are to call them. Hope for the future, and hope in her name.

The Birth Day

Many friends would have to take off work and find a babysitter, but not this friend. I had everything planned that when she went into labor I would have someone watch my children and I would be one more up there with her. Although I kept my distance and stayed majority of the time in the waiting room, to allow her fiancé and family members to have space and time with her. I waited patiently for my turn to go in and tell her how proud I was of her and this huge accomplishment.

I was lucky enough to be in the room, if only momentarily, as the baby decided to make her grand appearance. We were all prepared to welcome Miss Caydence into our world. By the time she was brought back to her mother, everyone wanted to get their hands on her. I waited patiently once more to see this new bundle of joy that would further be known as Caydence, and my one and only god daughter.