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17 July, 2017

Will Laser Marking Be Easier with Hand Held Devices?

Laser marking and engraving applications are popular among massive manufacturers as well as small businesses all over the world. This non-contact marking technology has made creating customized gifts, business cards, and ensuring industry and government compliance in marking across industries easier, faster, cheaper, and more precise.

The concept of using hand held laser marking technology is that it’s designed to provide maintenance-free and convenient marking methods for barcodes, 2D matrix codes for parts, and UID marks across products in the electronics, defense, energy, and aerospace industries.

The Benefits of Hand Held Laser Marking Technology

  • Portability–The primary purpose for hand held devices is for portability. The ability to carry portable devices wherever you go is a high-demand aspect of virtually every industry. Computers, televisions, printers, and other devices have gone hand held, making them portable, so why not have hand held laser marking devices? It was inevitable that laser marking machines would become portable due to the high demand of laser technology in almost every industry.
  • Lightweight Design–Hand held devices are known for their lightweight design. Before there were laptops and tablets, there were desktops that were bulky, heavy, and tedious just to move across an office, much less carry around in your car. Just like computers downsized and became even more convenient and portable, laser marking devices have also evolved into smaller, lighter weight machines. Imagine using them in the field or for mobile businesses as this technology continues to evolve.
  • Versatile Connections–One of the most convenient things about hand held laser marking machines like the MarkinBOX small and medium-sized devices, is their ability to connect to multiple types of connections. You can easily use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone and connect via wired connection or Bluetooth or WiFi. That opens up where you go and how you connect for marking and engraving with these devices.
  • Stable Performance – You don’t have to sacrifice performance when you choose the right hand-held laser marking device. The very design lends to high, stable performance across applications from the harshest of industrial settings to the small factory or home garage. Everything you do is done from the palm of your hand, so you have better control over bulkier machines that need compressors or other auxiliary equipment.
  • Versatile Programming – Not only can you connect via wired or wireless connections, you can also enjoy the ease of WISIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) software programming. This easy-to-use programming makes configuring settings fast and easy no matter what type of laser marking job you’re doing.

These are the primary conveniences of using a hand-held laser marking machine. These can be used for engraving, etching, embossing, and cutting depending on the accessories and programming you use for various applications.

With this new, lightweight, and portable laser marking technology, you can literally go places with your laser marking machines. Imagine what could happen in laser marking technology in the next 10 years with new and smaller devices coming out across computers and electronics.