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22 October, 2018

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

As winter approaches, it is time to ensure that your home can hold against below freezing temperatures, strong driving wind, and icy conditions. How well you prepare your home today can help prevent expensive repairs at the height of a storm or when it is virtually impossible to find supplies and licensed contractors. Here is how to prepare for winter:

Heating System

A few weeks before winter strikes, ensure that the heating system goes under the necessary preventive tweaks. It may help extend the systems life in addition to identifying potential problems.

    • Hire a licensed contractor to check the furnace and the boiler to identify any potential malfunctions
    • Have the furnace filter cleaned to replaced on forced hot air systems
    • Let the contractor check the chimney for any creosote deposits

During Winter

    • Ensure that the fuel tanks are full and keep checking on the levels throughout winter
    • Maintain a temperature of at least 55 degrees. The temperature inside the walls and the piping area should be colder than the living spaces. Be sure to open the doors to unoccupied rooms so that the temperature within the house remains constant.
    • Ensure that you maintain pellet or wood burning stoves as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Winter Insulation

Prepare your insulation against the freezing temperatures way before winter hits. Besides inspecting, upgrading and weather stripping your insulation, you should:

    • Add extra padding to the attic for protection against ice dams.
    • Install storm windows
    • Add weather stripping to the caulk windows and doors. This offers protection against heat loss and drafts.

Winter Utilities

Low temperatures during winter can cause damage to your home’s piping. Prepare the pipes should for the cold, and you should never forget to shut off the water when leaving your home. Also you:

    • Should check for water leaks and fix them immediately. Use thermostatically controlled heat tape if the water piping is plastic.
    • Know every detail of your piping. It’s easier to know where freezing may occur if you understand your piping’s layout.

Winter Equipment

    • Be sure to stock equipment such as snow blowers and generators. Ensure that they are in good working condition before winter. Also,
    • Make that you have a snow shovel and roof rake before winter. The ice melting compound should be in place as well.
    • Have the snow shovels and blowers serviced and repaired before winter
    • Ensure that you store the fuel for generators and leaf blowers in safety containers and away from heat or flammable material. Additionally, do not keep fuel in the basement.

The Bottom Line

Winter doesn’t have to ruin the comfort of your living space. You only need to make the necessary adjustments. Hire a plumbing and heating company to help you with insulation and piping. On that note, visit Ecoheat Plumbing to discover the services of EcoHeat, a plumbing and heating service operating in Balham South West London. The idea is to deal with a company that has been in the business for long and one that understands your specific needs. Think of it as a way of getting value for your money.