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7 November, 2017

Work as a Part-time Student

Higher education is becoming more of a rule than an exception. Employers have begun to actively seek those with degrees for positions that would, in the past, be given to this without. This is because as has advanced educational opportunities have become more accessible for the common man.

This accessibility is an advantage for anyone looking to further their education. This only thing holding those individuals back is usually a concern for how to do it. Most of these people have jobs or family. Juggling one’s social, family and work life is difficult enough. Adding education to this mix can be a challenge. If you’re planning to pursue part-time degree courses in Singapore or elsewhere, here are some guidelines.

Job flexibility is your friend

This isn’t an option for everyone but recently graduated high school students are at a major advantage. People that haven’t joined the workforce have the option of finding a job that allows them time for school. Financial stability is important, but your studies can grant you better opportunities. So, they take priority.

Job options for these individuals depend on the circumstance and ability, but part-time work isn’t necessarily hard to find in most developed countries. Campus jobs are often the most sought after due to flexibility and proximity to classes. Seeking on-campus work is always a good strategy.

If the above isn’t an option, working in the evenings or on weekends is the next best choice. The job doesn’t have to be something you intend to do forever. It’s a job to financially keep you afloat while you complete your coursework. Just be purposeful in your selection and make sure your employer knows you’re a student.

As you continue your studies internships may become available. Though they may not pay well (or at all) they’re invaluable as a way to get on-the-job experience. This experience can make you more valuable as a future employee in your field. You should definitely take any opportunity to participate in an internship. Early insight into your possible future can help in more ways than one.

For people that already have jobs

If you’re already employed this may be more difficult. You may need to take night classes or online classes. If you’re fortunate however, your place of work might have a program that may pay (at least partially) for your education. It never hurts to ask.

Proper planning

As a working student, time management will become mandatory. The more details you have planned, the easier your life will be. Creating a calender and have a schedule set in stone will be major aids. Things you may want to mark down on your schedule are time allotments for classes, travel, personal time, family time, work and studying. Edit it as your like, make it work for you.

Talk to professionals

If time management isn’t your thing, there is always the option to speak to a counselor. There should be professionals, on or off campus that can assist you. Be it scheduling your classes, creating a schedule or balancing your work and school life, people are willing to help those that want to better themselves.

Take care of yourself

With all of the pressure of your studies combining with your family and work duties, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. Remembering to make time to eat well and relax are imperative to your success in your new endeavors. Pushing yourself to the point of detriment doesn’t do you or your family good.